Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boutiques: Material Love

A number months ago I stumbled upon an incredible online store, Iomoi - today's CDJ.  The cyber shop has everything from coasters to canvas bag and much more.  Allow me to show you.  The images will speak for themselves (but I'll add my two cents as well).

Style up your snail mail with these swank address labels.

Perfect canvas tray for a casual den/family room (where I would put mine) or sunny porch.  Decisions, decisions...

Lovely lucite trays - ideal for a desk!

Perfect Plates for backyard summertime soirees.  

I've selected this as my beach/pool/boat whatever bag for this summer, but how on Earth will I narrow it down to just one design????

OK OK OK... I have got to get a hold of myself!  Apologies for the image overload, but you agree that the design choices are fab?  It's requiring quite a bit of self restraint to bring this post to a close. I just can't get enough of these colorful and charming motifs...

If you are able to narrow your design choice down to one I would love to see what makes the cut!  See you back here tomorrow for Casual Friday.


"Getting addicted to design is bad for design." - Andy Altmann 

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