Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Style: Sail de Chine

I apologize for not posting yesterday and the sub-par posts last week.  I have a really good excuse, promise... My big boy missed the school week due to pneumonia, my baby was in the hospital with dehydration and I had the worst case of  bronchitis you have ever heard.  I am happy to report the kids are healthy!  Additionally, I would like to welcome myself back to the land of the living.  Last week kicked my you-know-what!  Yesterday was my first official day back to "work", so the to-do list is long. My husband and mother took over my duties while I recovered - I can't thank them enough!!!  Bye-bye germs; hello Spring!

So, let's get right down to it... Covet du Jour: Seaside Chinoiserie Chic (if that's such a thing...)

I've been searching for a way to incorporate the Chinoiserie (pronounced "Sheen-waz-er-ee") look into our family room.  An assortment of blue and white porcelain, blanc de chine, books and photographs furnish the built-ins.  Hung on the walls are nautical inspired art (I grew up sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, boats remind me of my dad, and my husband approves, so a nod to the sea is an essential element of the room).  It's been a struggle to unify the two looks, but this sitting room by Meg Braff is pure genius!  After drooling over the pictures for quite some time, I realized a few simple additions will tie my whole family room together.   I'm thinking curtains, in addition to the plantation shutters already on the windows, a ginger jar lamp, and possibly a few accessories... and presto,  my family room will be a vision in Seaside Chinoiserie Chic -the perfect compromise!


"Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"  - Auntie Mame

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