Friday, April 1, 2011

Casual Friday: Making an Entrance

Upon salivating over the foyer in yesterday's post, I decided to linger in the sublime entrance for one more day...

Alexa Hampton's foyer is intoxicating.  The geometry of the space makes this right-brained girl appreciate mathematics.  Now that I've returned to reality, let's get on with the CDJ.  I would not dispute the beauty and impact of a colorful foyer (there are many I adore), likewise clean lines and demure decor can make quite a statement. Occasionally, a stunning foyer is simply black and white.

Ken Gemes Interiors

Jonathan Adler

Windsor Smith's Foyer via House Beautiful

via Decor Pad

Thom Filcia

via Decor Pad

Peter Estersohn

via Decor Pad


"The essence of taste is suitability." -Edith Wharton 

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