Friday, May 6, 2011


It's the most wonderful time of the year - peony season!  The fragrant, delicate, feather-like blossom comes in a variety of shades, from classic white to inspiring shades of pink.  It's my absolute favorite flower in the world, which is coincidentally in bloom just in time for my birthday, mother's day and my anniversary.  That guarantees me bunches of the stunning stems over the next month!

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(That picture in the middle is me on my wedding day.)

If you forgot Mother's Day is this Sunday or you simply cannot think of what to do, here is a fool-proof plan that works for every budget and is sure to let mom know how much you care:

  • Change and turn down mom's sheets Saturday night.
  • Leave a note on her pillow wishing her sweet dreams and encouraging her to sleep-in tomorrow morning.
  • Wake up early to ensure no kids, dogs, etc. disturb her sweet slumber.  
  • During that time, set a beautiful table, using mom's lovely china and silver.  Freshly pressed linens will surly impress.  (If your mom/wife is like me they are already cleaned and pressed in the linen closet.)  
  • For a centerpiece/gift fill a vase with a bunch of peonies.  The bloom is widely available right now and very reasonably priced at places such as Whole Foods.  Be sure to remove any leaves below the water line and cut the stems down to fit into the container.  
  • Give the children small, inexpensive flower pots to paint and plant seed in to give to mom.  
  • Cook and/or bake some of mom's favorite brunch foods.  Regardless what you make or how it turns out, she will appreciate it because it was made with love.  
  • Spend the remainder of the day doing an activity mom loves.  Perhaps a family bike ride or walk through the park, a trip to a museum, window shopping in town or driving through her favorite neighborhood looking for open houses...
  • For dinner, heat up the grill and dine al fresco.
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Peonies Season!


"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into."  ~Henry Beeche

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