Monday, July 18, 2011

Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking

Have you ever had a weekend that started with high hopes, but ends with you feeling totally defeated?  Well, that's the kind of weekend I had.

Here are the low-lights:
Many projects started, nothing completed.  Hence, the house is in disarray 
One of our cars broke down.
My youngest son pulled over a plant stand and broke one of my favorite pots.  (silver lining is he did not get hurt)
I was minutes late to an antique mall and missed out on four vintage faux bamboo yellow Henredon chairs, at a marvelous price.
Drove 30 minuets to a supposedly great flea market.  Literally the biggest waste of time in my life.  
I paid a visit to the local urgent care place for a UTI - sorry if this is TMI. I've never had one before, but super painful!

The Highlights:
My amazing husband sanded and primed a bed I am going to paint.  In addition, he helped me rearrange some furniture.  Plus, he arrived home early from a business trip.
My boys had a marathon dance fest to that song"You're Unbelievable", they giggled for 15 minutes pushing around a laundry basket, and countless other moments that made me smile or laugh.
Scored a giant vintage lamp, a pair of mid-century brass dancers and 2 1/2 yards of the fabric below, all  for under $75:

I have not found a home for these, but the possibilities seem endless.

This giant navy and cream lamp is going on my husband's desk, for now.

I am going to use this fabric to make window treatments for the playroom.  It looks fantastic with the Benjamin Moore "Polo Blue" walls and the zebra print rug.  

I'll admit, this post's title is a little melodramatic. Now that I look at the weekend pros, it does not seem so bad.  Sometimes a girls' just gotta vent.  Here's to a new week and a cheery disposition!


"The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief. " ~William Shakespeare, Othello

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