Thursday, February 3, 2011

Handbags: Marjorie Bloom Collection

Based on yesterday’s prediction from Phil the Groundhog, spring will arrive early!  Before we know it summer will be here.  In January my family and I enjoyed a brief taste of summer, with a trip to Turks and Caicos.  It was splendid! 

If the winter weather is getting you down, picture this: floating in a pool, drink in hand, and soaking in the view of the crystal blue water.  If you’re feeling up for it, dry off and go for a walk on the soft, white, shell-lined beach, while the sunshine shimmers on the water.   If you’re really feeling frisky, throw on a mask and fins, jump off the pier, and snorkel over to the beach.  You are guaranteed to see colorful fish and friendly starfish of all sizes.  Feeling warmer? 

The reason I am telling you about our trip is to let you know about an adorable bag I discovered in T&C, on the shoulder of my cousin’s girlfriend.  The hot pink envelope clutch had a delicate chain strap and a jeweled encrusted starfish.  Perfect for a summer evening out!

That brings us to the Covet du Jour, the Marjorie Bloom Collection Handbags!  Sara, who introduced me to the bag, scored the gem at Matilda’s in Stuart, FL.  The shopkeeper of the delightful paperie and boutique is her family friend.  Take a look at Matilda’s website – the store décor looks positively divine.  Did you see those chairs?  They are a CDJ for sure! 

Check out the selection at Matilda’s (Marjorie Bloom Collection the middle row):

Imagine my surprise, when I realized there is an array of jewels to select from, not to mention a rainbow of color choices!  I can’t decide…

The Marjorie Bloom Collection is more than just handbags. It also includes some great accessories for any seaside abode. I’ll take a black or white Lucite box!

Wishing you a balmy day, filled with sunny thoughts!


“A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.”
-Coco Chanel

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