Friday, April 22, 2011

Casual Friday: Newest Addiction

Yesterday, while reading the blog  Knight Moves, I learned about a new site called Svpply.  Simply put, the site enables you to create a collection of items you would like to buy and allows you to share with the Svpply community.  For example, you see a pillow you love - bookmark it for rainy day.  This tools allows you to save items to your feed with just a few clicks. It is seriously addicting!  Creating my wish list took a matter of minutes and you know I will be adding to it daily.   If this pen and paper girl can do it anyone can!  Here is a sampling of my list:

All of the information regarding these items is available on my Svpply list. Click HERE 
(See the dress at the top and the headband below it?  My Royal Wedding outfit!)

Next week is our Spring Break, but I will try to check in a few times.  Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter and Happy belated Passover!


"Curiosity is the lust of the mind."  ~Thomas Hobbes

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