Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Virtual Fabric Boutique

One pastime I fancy is shopping for or browsing at fabric.  As a result, I've become rather friendly with the clerks at my favorite haunts.  Unfortunately, it's been impossible to ignore the effects of the recession on this industry.  Many textile stores have closed their doors, while other shops were forced to change their business model to stay afloat.  Like everything else, fabric has taken to the Internet.  Here are some terrific sources:

Check out a combine sampling of these fine retailers: 

Here is another spot where you can score high-end fabric for a deal - The Designers Attic.  This blog's been on my daily read list for quite some time.  


"Great blends of pattern, like great dishes, must be carefully tasted. And constant tasting is what teaches a cook how to taste."   ~Billy Baldwin


  1. The fabric you show is fantastic. I need to get out my sewing machine.

  2. have you been to williams & sherrill in RIC? you'd love.


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