Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Written Word: TRAD Home

Two of my favorite publications have joined forces (Traditional Home and Lonny Magazines) and created the digital glossy, TRAD Home, which went live Tuesday. My personal design style is rooted in traditional elements, so I could not be more thrilled.

TRAD Home did not skimp on this premier issue.  The 374 pages are jammed packed with picks, articles, interviews and images.  Here are what I consider some of the highlights:

The "Jonathan Adler vs. Charlotte Moss" video piece, on page 70, was terrific.  They utilized technology to bring the interview to life.  Very clever.

My favorite article was "20 New Traditionals: How Do You Interpret Traditional?"  

Designed by Sara Gilbane

Designed by Patrick Lonn

Designed by Jayne and Joan Michaels

Amy D. Morris

Lisa Sternfeld

Robert Passal

Ryan Corban

Jamie Hertzlenger

Gold and Adler

Well now that I've cut and pasted practically every picture from TRAD Home...  


“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."  ~Oscar Wilde

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