Monday, July 11, 2011

If You Give a Girl a Flower...

Aside from Shelter magazines and blogs, the majority of the literature I read is of the children's variety.  If you are familiar with the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series that pretty much sums up how I operate.  Basically, it's stream of consciousnesses.

Allow me to explain how my mind works with an example from this weekend.  We were out of town for three weeks, hence the sporadic posts. Typically the homecoming includes unpacking, loads of laundry, stocking the empty cupboards and refrigerator and cleaning the house/yard and getting back into a routine.

Ready for a trip in my head? I make a shopping list which includes flowers and plants to bring the house back to life.  Once the flowers are arranged and the plants are potted, I decided were to place them.  That leads to moving other objects around.  Before you know it all the built-ins have been rearranged.  Stepping back to observe the displays, I decide some furniture needs shifting.  Of course, that results in rehanging pictures - and this is just a Friday night in my house.  God love my husband for tolerating my insanity. As a result of that typical evening a whole list of new projects are swirling in my head.   Here is a sampling:

Top of the list - buy a new camera.  Then perhaps I will actually remember to take pictures of all my projects.   (Please send me any recommendations.)

A bedroom refresh - I'm thinking of painting the dresser, a new skirt for the table the TV is on, some new throw pillows, dust ruffle, and quilt, a new desk chair, paint or buy some new art, as I moved some pieces to the newly created wall gallery downstairs.

My bedroom is painted Restoration Hardware Silver Sage.  Some variation of orange paint might do the trick for the dresser.  This is Pratt and Lambert 1849.  If you have a color rec I am all ears!

Looking for a less expensive version of this WS Home Chair.  Ballard Design has one that's the right price, but not color/finish I am looking for.  

For the new TV table skirt, I want something simple like this by Nathan Turner.

Tailored like this skirt by Amanda Nesbit

My table is round, but this is the colorway I am leaning towards. Jennifer Bandier via Lonny Mag

Melissa Warner 

Celerie Kemble via Little Green Notebook

Tom Scheerer via Little Green Notebook

Regarding the quilt and bed skirt - I just need new white ones, as the current linens  are fading.  
Fabric for the throw pillows is TBD, but that just means visits to some favorite shops :-)

On to the art... I do not have anything specific in mind. When I buy art it's usually on a whim - a piece must catch my eye. 

I heart Hugo Guinness!  Any of his prints are on my wish list.

I've mentioned Janet Hill before, but just adore her work.  I can justify buying myself one of her prints.

The Matriarch Of Black Walnut Manor

Do you have any artists you love?  Please share!

There are many, many  more projects on the list, some of which I will share with you this week.  


*EDIT - While at the beach I pulled my neck - could not move, was in terrible pain, and missed 2 days in the sand.  My husband insisted I go to the ER.  It was a muscle spasm.  The doctor put me on pain killers and muscle relaxers and ordered I not move for a few days.  Recovery was slow, so sadly we had to cancel our trip to NYC and come home early.  I tell you this because I need to give credit to my amazing husband -the brawn of my Friday night projects.  

"We dream in order to integrate experiences from our daily lives into our stream of consciousness about our life."  ~ Patricia Randolph


  1. Loved today's post. I am making my list of projects. Better get the sewing machine out.

  2. How exciting! So many projects and ideas. I, too, am going to be starting a skirted table, and I'd love to here how you're progressing!

  3. I am def going to remember to take pictures of projects from now on and will post about it.


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