Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kiki's List

I am thrilled to introduce today's special guest blogger, Krista from Kiki's List!  We met way back when at my first "real job" out of college.  She probably does not know this but a pumpkin flower arrangement she made for a baby shower inspired me to take the leap into the world of floral design.  A year after that I gave up my corporate job to work  full time as a floral designer.  
If you don't read her blog every day you are missing out!  Krista has a flair for style which is evident by her signature stamp of color, whimsy and lovely detail.  Grazie!

Hello CDJ readers!  Krista Salmon of Kiki's List here.  I am so happy to be visiting you all today.  Thanks Beth, for asking me to "cover" for you while you are away.  I hope you are having a fanastico time!   

Italy is my absolute favorite place in the world.  The scenery is amazing, the people are overwhelmingly warm and the food is delizioso. Each region is so charming and unique.   In honor of Beth's trip I would like to do a feature on Italian architecture.  Architectural Digest recently did an amazing spread on Rustic Italian Villas.  Feast your eyes on these:

I could stay here, forever.

 A Count and Countess live here, of course.

 An abandoned property, reborn in the Chianti countryside.

 Yes, I'll make myself at home, thank you.

 Dining al fresco.

A 1,000 year old abbey turned into a beautiful living space.

A major reno- this abandoned farmhouse had a collapsed roof, no electricity or plumbing- look at her now!

Ahh, these pictures evoke such great memories... among my favorites; the fields of sunflowers in Tuscany, the Spanish Steps in Rome, and the grottos of Capri.     Have a wonderful time, Beth, I cannot wait to see pictures!

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