Monday, September 19, 2011

Italian Holiday

Saluti da Italia! (Greetings from Italy!) By the time you read this I will (hopefully) be enjoying a leisurely lunch in Rome.

 My husband and I are here for a few days, then off to Capri. Last week was one of the busiest weeks in (my) recent history. Between packing, the first week of school, activities, etc., there was not a moment to spare - hence the lack of posts.

The Eternal City is the epicenter of classic art and architecture.  While we will certainly bask in the glory of everything Roman, I am also interested to scout out the Italian take on more contemporary design.  Ristorante TUNA is a space that celebrates the past and present in unison.

It's been ten years since my last trip to Italy - a semester in Florence.  (I have a sneaking suspicion this trip will be slightly different.)   During that stay I never made it to Capri.  I am absolutely thrilled to visit!  How could I not be with this 1,000-feet-above-the-sea view:

Keeping my fingers crossed I can forget my worries and enjoy.  Once I recover from the jetlag I will regale you with my travel tales.  In the meantime, I am very pleased to have two special guest bloggers helping me out!  Stay tuned....


“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michael Angelo”  ~ Mark Twain 

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