Thursday, September 8, 2011

Instant Classic

Mark my words, Rules of Civility by Amor Towles will be a classic.  Over vacation I completed the novel and instantly wanted to page back to the beginning.  I practically shoved the book into my mom's hands just to have someone to discuss it with.  After page two, she looked up and commented on the pedigree of the writing.

In this story, the reader travels back to 1938 New York City to accompany the dynamic and seemingly modern heroine through the year's events.  Katey Kontent, a mid-twenties-something and daughter of Russian immigrants, floats between the worlds of blue bloods and working class, while staying true to herself.

Perhaps someone in Hollywood is adapting this work into a screenplay as I type this?  That notion leaves me conflicted - should this be made into a movie?  It would take an artistic genius to interpret the authors beautiful prose onto the silver screen. However, after watching Midnight in Paris Woody Allen might just be the man for the job.

Have you read Rules of Civility?  If so, talk to me... I'm in withdraw.  I am looking for good book recommendations to bring along on our trip, so please send them my way.


"Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald 


  1. Beth -

    Your post came at the perfect time. I downloaded Rules Friday night and can't put it down. Thank you for the suggestion! Love it - almost done!


  2. Hi Beth:
    Just had a long chat with your mom and now I am perusing your blog.... words can't describe how wonderful it is. You are so very talented and I love everything you select. I have a ton of questions for you but first... I read Rules of Civility and I loved it do you have any other book selections as I will be sitting on a beach for a week and need some new fiction ideas.
    Looking forward to seeing you
    Donna A.

    1. Thank you Donna! This blog is such fun to write and helps me keep it "all" organized. I am reading "The Summer we Read Gatsby" right now. It's entertaining. The next book-to-read on my shelf is "An American Heiress" which was an Amazon suggestion. I also heard "The Sense of an Ending" is good. Looking forward to lunch!


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