Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"New" Kitchen and Breakfast Room

A few weeks ago I finally paid a visit to the Shades of Light outlet.  Boy was I missing out.

During a recent run-through Shades of Light (the actual store) I promptly decided these Petite Mirror Back Sconces were perfect for my new bedroom.  The only problem is the price.  $439 each.  Guess what I stumbled upon at the outlet?  That's right, the  Petite Mirror Back Sconces priced at $308 each.  Close, but no cigar. I am saving up for this beauty:

It will look perfect in the new dining room.

Even though the two previously mentioned fixtures remain on my wish list, I did not go home empty handed.  I am now the proud owner of this 20" diameter copper pendant.  It's the perfect replacement for the current 4x2 florescent flush mount fixture (see image below).  While our budget does not include a kitchen renovation, I figured $94 "to distract  the eye" was a good investment.  

I am hesitant to share this photo, so please trust me when I say this house has good bones and loads of potential. Cross my heart and hope to die.  

Other plans include an free standing island below the pendent; a new light fixture over the sink (the current one resembles something you may find in an unfinished attic and is operated by a hanging string); a sideboard for additional storage and counter space; painting the cabinets; pulling up the linoleum and refinishing the pine floors that are underneath; turning the pantry into something more attractive and functional; creating a door way into the current den, that will function as a breakfast room.  Yada Yada Yada...

A 52" piece of furniture on this wall, painted with and topped off with a cut-to size piece of stone will provide more counter space. Over that piece I imagine one or two wall shelves and a cool piece of art. 

Some inspiration...
My dream shelving.

Love the clean look and lines of this.

Open shelving, all white and glass dishes and serve ware, and glass canisters for food storage. 

Black and white and adorable all over.

This shelving is inspiration for my pantry. I may have to incorporate a mirror too.

Open shelving and art.

Big art in kitchen.

Copper pendants above island.  

More copper.

The pantry in the new house  has wide shelves and electricity.  With a little paint, a new light fixture, and a new set of doors it could be cute...  

These get me thinking about possibilities for the pantry. 

The den aka breakfast room.  Imagine an L-shaped banquette, a round table, and my new chairs.  This picture also illustrates why there is no room in the budget for an addition - every extra cent is funding a new HVAC and refinishing the floors.  No AC was the deal breaker for my husband. I suppose me too. Radiator heat is the best, but I won't miss the arrangement limitations they create.  

The plan is to knockout the first set of shelves and open a doorway into the kitchen.  

More inspiration.

I like the paneling on this built-in bench.

All images are on my Pinterest Boards.

I picked up this mid-century solid wood table (made in Denmark) for $90! It even has 2 leaves for extension.  I can't deiced if I want to give it a gray-washed limed look or a glossy white coat of paint.

The kitchen and breakfast room are the first priority, so after pictures to come later this summer.  


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~Theodore Roosevelt 

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