Friday, February 25, 2011

Casual Friday: And The Oscar Goes To...

Tis the season of award shows.  With the Oscars just a few days away, everyone has gold on their mind, including Covet du Jour.  While most of us will never bring home an Academy Award, there are a plethora of golden goodies to give your life the Midas Touch.

  1. Ginger Jar 
  2. Duck Leg Mirror
  3. Clutch 
  4. Bamboo Mirror 
  5. Angle Wing Box
  6. Cocktail Table 
  7. Horseshoe Wall Hook
  8. Tiled Bone Tray
  9. Garden Stool 
  10. Bamboo Wall Shelf
  11. Chandelier 
  12. Ikat Bowl 
  13. Koi Sandals 
  14. Console Table
  15. Pillow
  16. Leaf Necklace 
  17. Capiz Shell Placemat 
  18. Rain Boots 
  19. Throw Blanket 
  20. Pagoda Hurricane 
  21. Book
  22. Wishbone 
  23. Square Table Lamp
  24. Leather Pouf 

Wishing you a glitzy weekend!


“I’m speechless. ... Thank you life. Thank you love. It is true there (are) some angels in this city.”
— Marion Cotillard, after winning best-actress Oscar for “La Vie en Rose.”


  1. I want that chandelier! So happy to see gold again!!

  2. love all the gold and glitz :)

  3. My husband gets confused - he say "But I thought you hate gold?" I guess I drilled that into his head before we got engaged ;-) Yes to gold home and fashion accessories, but platinum for engagement rings. I have that leaf necklace and I wear it everyday. I also have an affinity for spray painting things gold. My neighbors must think I am insane when the see me outside at 9 o'clock at night with a spray can.

  4. I just discovered this awesome gold find for summer -


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