Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picks: There's an Elephant in the Room

Covet du Jour - Elephants!  Oh how I love those massive mammals...

Many believe that elephants bring good luck, in addition to symbolizing wisdom. Agreed, but I also believe that (faux) elephants are a wonderful addition to any home decor.  They are a staple accessory in the CDJ household. One of my favorites is this pencil sketch by moi.  I've yet to find any elephant art that suits my taste, so this is an inexpensive stopgap.  I even framed it myself  with an cheap frame and mat from Ben Franklin.  
(please pardon the image quality - I took it with my phone.)

Interiors incorporating elephants:

Lonny Magazine via Decor Pad


Rickshaw Designs

Design by Johnathan Adler - Photo House Beautiful

If you are looking for ways to incorporate a smidgeon of pachyderm in your life, consider any of these fun items

  1. Note Cards
  2. Gold Candle 
  3. Canvas Storage Bin
  4. Bangle 
  5. Tape Dispenser
  6. Lamp 
  7. Pillow
  8. Salt and Pepper Shakers 
  9. Children's Quilt
  10. Ashtray (for display only)
  11. Garden Seat
  12. Earrings 

"Elephants and Grandchildren never forget." - Andy Rooney 

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