Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spaces: Nook Notions

Alright, I am just going to jump right in and tell you the Covet du Jour… the dining nook!  It’s the perfect place to gather for a family meal, help the kids with their homework, share a bottle of wine with a good friend, or just about anything.   
So, we recently  began our search for a new home  (we are in the "what's out there/what area do we want to live in/what can we afford" phase). Of course, I fell in love with a house on the first day of the hunt.  She has great bones and so much more space than our current home.  And the kitchen... Oh, the kitchen has fantastic potential.  It includes a fireplace, 100 year old heart pine floors, exposed brick and arch around the stove, in addition to the perfect sunny breakfast area for a banquette.  Ever since we walked out of that house, my head has been spinning with ideas!  I immediately told my cousin Lauren about it, as she is in the middle of a nook endeavor herself. 
Visualize this with me – a cold Sunday morning, the fire roaring, sitting in the nook enjoying a homemade breakfast and coffee, while reading the newspaper in your PJ’s.  Sounds like home to me!  Unfortunatly, the timing is not right. Nevertheless, perhaps the house will still be on the market when we are ready make an offer.  With the purchase pending, let’s explore some options…

Whether you opt for a casual or formal banquette, it instantly adds warmth, intimacy and character to a space.

Come back tomorrow for Part II of the Nook Notions!  


Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child


  1. I love the Julia Child quote - very fitting...Nooks are the best and I believe that I will be turning to your expertise to make my home into a beautiful, cozy, nook-centered house. Nooks are multi-functional, not only do they serve as a tucked away place to hide, they also tuck away things such as lobster pots, pans, any cooking supply you can think of that will de-clutter a counter-top...for those of us that appreciate boats, nooks are a lifesaver!

  2. so lovely - so inspiring - thank you for putting these all together!


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