Friday, March 25, 2011

Casual Friday: The New Carrera?

White kitchen cabinets with Carrera marble countertops... classic!  It's the signature style my favorite kitchen designer, Christopher Peacock, is known for.  In fact, the picture below inspired the remodel of the kitchen in our first condo.  It was beautiful! At the time the we had no children, so I ignored all the warnings that marble stains.  After just two months, even with excessive caution, I noticed a few faint stains.  That infuriated me.

The following are pictures from Christopher Peacock's splendid kitchen via Traditional Home

I admire how understated the space is.  Not intimidating at all.

While I love this timeless look, it's becoming a bit predictable. So, I've been searching for a suitable alternative and I may have found it... .gray-blue Cardosa limestone.  Thank you Christopher Peacock  and Traditional Home for introducing me to this beauty.  The elegant stone would look fabulous paired with light gray, pale blue or white cabinets, don't you agree?   

I looked high and low and I was unable to find other kitchens with these countertops.  Maybe that's a good thing.  If you have any images, please share.  

Happy Weekend!


"Good luck needs no explanation."  - Shirley Temple 

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