Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spaces: Playful Rooms

 My husband's office is in the middle of a mini makeover.  The space has been neglected long enough.  So far the walls are painted and a new rug is down, but it has a ways to go.  The other day I walked into the office and noticed some green and red spots on the brand new rug.  My son decided it was the perfect spot for an art project.  

That very same day my son informed me that he wanted to be "roommates" with his little brother.  This was a serendipitous event  that I had to take advantage of.  After contemplating the idea for a few minutes I began hatching a plan...  his bedroom could be converted into a playroom and all of the toys could be banished from the family room -  Perfect timing for Seaside Chinoiserie Chic lift!  

In the family room, most of the toys are concealed in the lower cabinets of the built-ins, but the larger toys are eating up floor space.  Since our house does not have a basement or attic having a room dedicated just to the kids will be a Godsend!

CDJ: The Playroom!

Who can resist a tented ceiling?  Designed by Alessandra Branca

From the John Edwards and the late Elizabeth Edwards home

From the 2010 Atlanta Symphony Show House by Milieu Design Group

Love this play nook by Dillon Kyle Architects via Decor Pad

Sloan Mauran

Peter Durham Designs

Jean Randazzo Photography via Decor Pad

Samantha Pynn & Virginia Macdonald Photography

Jeffrey Bilhuber

And now, the prettiest playroom I have ever seen.  These images are scanned from my copy of  Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style.  

Mary McDonald, can you invite me over for a play date?

Whoever has this as their playroom might be the luckiest little girl in the world!

If this were a room in my house the kids would be locked out and you would find me sipping champagne while playing dress up. 

Do your kids have a dedicated playroom?  What ideas have you incorporated in that space that work well?  While I spent most of yesterday organize the playroom, I am all ears...


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  1. I just stumbled on your blog and am so happy I did! That Mary McDonald playroom is the most fabulous playroom I've ever seen!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I have a playroom in my house that doubles as a family room. It has low walls and a steeply sloped ceiling. I think something like this design would be the perfect solution.

    Happy to be a new subscriber!

    1. Thanks for following! "Mums" is one of my design heroes. Glad you found some inspiration for your family room/playroom. Be sure to share pictures when it's completed.


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