Friday, June 17, 2011

Boy's Bedroom Design Board

Do you recall my post a few weeks ago about boys bedrooms?  Those images are still fresh in my mind. The second my little guy can sleep in a big bed, the boys' room is getting a makeover.  Below are furnishing and accessories that would make a terrific boy's bedroom. (I wish all the items were rounded up on a fancy design board, but this is as tech savvy as I get.  A graphic design class is on my to-do list once the boys' school commences.)

1. - Twin headboards
2. - Throw pillows for the beds
3. - Bedding
4. - Benches for the foot of the beds
5. - 2 Sconces between the beds
6. - Monogrammed tray for bedside table
7. -Trunk between the beds
8. - Lamp on top of trunk
9. - I would select one of the bottom 4 finishes, to hang above beds or nightstand 
10. - Chair for reading corner of the room
11. - Needlepoint pillow for chair
12. - Stool for foot of chair
13. - Rug 
14. - Lantern
15. - Curtains
16. - Mirror to hang above dresser
17. - Campaign Dresser  
18. - Lamp for dresser
19. - Grasscloth wallcovering 

Anyone have an inspirational room/space you would like to emulate in your home?  Perhaps I can assist you...


"Creativity takes courage.”  ~ Henri Matisse


  1. Hi Beth! Have been searching for backsplash tile to go with barracuda blue granite countertop. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

  2. Hi Nancy! Is this for your kitchen? What color or the cabinets? What is the look/feel of the overall space? Do you want color or something more simple, like white? If you have any pictures of the space please email them to me.


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