Wednesday, July 13, 2011

...then she'll rearrange her bedroom

Shockingly, I am back tracking on my to-do list.  What I failed to mention in Monday's post is the very strange shape of my bedroom - dormer, sloped ceiling under the eaves, a radiator in front of a window, tiny built-in bookshelf...   The bed's been positioned in three different spots, but currently resides in front of a small window.  Many would think that is a faux pas, but check out these bedrooms where it's totally working.



Greg Natale

The shape of this bedroom resembles mine.

Pictures via Decor Pad

Note: this post is late, because instead of writing last night I moved furniture around my bedroom.  When my husband arrived home from the airport around 11 PM he just shook his head and laughed.  Yesterday, I also selected some paint samples for the dresser and fabric swatches for the throw pillows and table skirt.  Where will today lead me...  


“As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci 

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  1. Do you have a pretty radiator cover? That would create a wider windowsill that you could style with some books, violets, or an orchid or two. Maybe some different sized blue Ball jars... I can see a cute chair, or chaise by the windowsill too. Good luck!


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