Thursday, July 14, 2011

...which will prompt her to call a stranger

Believe it or not rearranging my bedroom led to a delightful phone conversation with a complete stranger.  Here is how it happened...

While scouring Craig's List for a Chippendale style chair (for the desk pictured below), I came across a seller with two.  There was no email address, just a phone number.  Promptly, I dialed the number to inquire.  A friendly voice answered and provided me with all the details.  Finally, I asked for specifics on her location. To my dismay, she is in North Carolina.  We ended up discussing her collection of Hollywood Regency style furniture, selling it on ebay or Etsy and my blog.  Funny how things transpire!

Later in the afternoon I finally checked out my area's newest HomeGoods.  The grand opening was nearly 2 months ago, but life's been keeping me busy.  It was a successful trip if you do not account for my little one breaking a bottle of Pellegrino in the linen aisle or my older one professing his love for everyone through a voice changing machine à la Home Alone II.  However, it did result in the purchase of a silver leafed floor length mirror, a fantastic Ralph Lauren mirror (pictured below), and few other odds and ends. 

Please note that this was taken with my Blackberry and this is the work in progress bedroom - The price sticker is still on the mirror and the desk needs to be styled up.  It's not black, just a very dark finish.  The other mirror's location is TBD.  

Another Blackberry photo, so I apologize for the quality.  Just wanted to share the Friday night project  wall gallery, also a work in progress.  I should have taken the time to straighten the pillows and put away the shoes before I took the picture, but that's what you get when you put things off until 11 o'clock at night.  

Random post, but this is a pretty accurate picture of what my life is like. Oh, there was also soccer, violin, a doctor's appointment, a nap for the baby, a haircut (not for my hair which is looking dreadful) and 3 square meals to prepare.  I seriously need an assistant, but don't we all?


"Don't be fooled by the calendar.  There are only as many days in the year as you make use of."  ~Charles Richards


  1. Your mirror is so pretty - I love the shape and the dark frame looks great against the pale walls. Looking good!

  2. Oh Elizabeth! Your new mirror is beautiful, wish I could zoom in so I could see the price! And the gallery wall looks just perfect. Love your umbrella stand. And yep, funny thing that craigslist ;)

    PS: I looked online & I could throw that chair on a greyhound for about 45-55 bucks. Never done it before, but may be something to think about!


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