Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Style: Equestrian Chic

I love discovering a space that summons emotions and my imagination carries me away.  One such space is an equestrian coach house from StyleAtHome.com .  I am obsessed - I've already used one of the article's images in my Nook Notions posts.  The coach house is the perfect country retreat.  I imagine every detail from outfits to mode of transportation. (I would load up my Grand Wagoner to escape the city)

Take a look at some of my favorite equestrian chic interiors:

Love the arch of the door and musical notes

What's not to love about this space?  Love the bench, dogs, nesting tables, the hearth and mantle, the woodwork, the floors... 

Love the color of the built-ins, the chair, the legs of the desk.
All the interiors above from Style at Hom

Ralph Lauren - Love the green and the wall hooks

Elle Decor  - To dine surrounded by great stories!  

Windsor Smith

You can't go wrong with this classic look in your home or wardrobe.  Here are some equestrian chic CDJ's:


"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have." - Winston Churchill 

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